WHY ME?????

Personal trainer brighton and hove

If you are trying to decide whether you should choose me as your personal Trainer, I think that my personal experience in sport and the whole well-being industry is the main proof of my competence.

I have been in to sport for as long as I can remember. In junior school I spent all my free time in the sports hall preparing for competitions. When I was 15 I was head-hunted by a Specialist Sport School to train in rowing. After two years of training for 5 hours every day I received a serious elbow injury and had to leave the Sports School.

The injury stopped me in my tracks and I simply ceased exercising. In two years time I gained a massive amount of weight, 25kg or 3stone 10 Ibs. I tried everything to lose this weight but nothing worked. That was when I decided to solve my problem from a different angle.

I went to University where I studied Physical Education and Science    At University I learned all about muscles, energetic processes (metabolism, energy produce etc.,) as well as nutrition and general well-being. Five years of study helped me to understand the nature of our organism and how to use all that knowledge to benefit different body types. I lost all the weight which I had gained and I decided to share my knowledge and become a professional Physical Instructor.  I qualified as an aerobics instructor, a step instructor and can also teach balance.

Finnaly i become qualified Personal Trainer. I want my clients to know that I was that obese person, massively overweight and that I felt desperately unattractive, miserable and hopeless. But I am living proof that that weight can be lost and fitness and confidence can be gained, it’s just a matter of time and using the correct approach to succeed. Your Personal Trainer needs to have experience, passion and knowledge and I have all of this and more besides. If you think that I might be the right person for you then please contact me and LET’S BEGIN!!!